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The story of The Society is built on two sub themes, one a hard hitting legal battle over a company’s broken promise, the other a love story between a North American man and South American woman.

The legal drama unfolds, from the corporate promises made to an eager 25 year old, through the range of emotions that come, with the disappointment, of being let down by those that you believed in and trusted at the age of 45.

The two stories become entangled as the two lovers struggle with the social, cultural, and theological differences separating them. How they endure, learn, and rise above those differences brings out the love story.

The love story tempers the legal drama, and the legal drama validates the love story. As the lines, which have become increasingly blurred, separating, right from wrong, justice from corruption, become more and more clear, their unfaltering love finds its way.

Cast & Crew


Doreen – Audrey Rush

Tim O’Neil Jr. – Tim Kaiser

Matt Birch – Charles Naccarato

Greg Hill – Cap Averill II

Senior Partner 1 – Thomas December

Senior Partner 2 – Lou Merlo

Dudley Reinhart – Paul Rega MD

Steven Mallet – Ronald Bradley

Tim O’Neil Sr. – Ralph Meyer

Rich Lennox – Philip McDermott

Linda Davis-Cartright – Linda Goodwin

Orville Hoffener – Richard Hingst

Susan Voight – Anita Farrar

Karen Barbour – Jessica Flowers

Donald Nye – Fred Czaja

Mrs. O’Neil Sr. – Elizabeth (Pinky) Edens

Mrs. O’Neil Jr. – Laura Glover

Jim Parker – Jamie Wheatley

Adam Fincher – Ron Leonhardt

Judy – Juli Korsnak

Voice of Grandpa Hill – Patrick Maguire

Mancy’s Bartender – Andrew Michalak

Scott Michaels – Mike Scott

Greg Hill’s Body Double on Harley – Eric Vose

Martin Thorn – John Sweeney

Greg Hill Sr. – Ken Kott

Embassy Worker – Pam Haynam

Duane Sampson – Chris McCail

Richard Sterling – Victor Pytko

Jeanette Sampson – Dominique Paramore

Rocio – Stephanie Paris

Betty at Home Office – Mari Stewart

Mark Wagner – David Hancock

Judge Jacobs – The Honorable James Barber

Sylvia Sterling – Pat Strobl

Sr. Superintendent (Emerson) – Brian Michalak

Natalia’s Friend (Internet Café) – Sandra Pinto

Natalia’s Mother – Maria Cubillos

Natalia’s Brother – John Cubillos

UPS Driver – Odin Cowles

Grandfather Hill – Dennis Doyle Jr.

Tina Wagner – Gail Hodson

Timmy O’Neil – Jared Withrow

Young Greg Hill – Liam Glover

Matt Birch’s Muscle – Jeff Ruggiero

Court Security Officer – Horst Wudi

Jenna – Tonia Kalouria

Flower Hospital Nurse – Deedee Deye

Elections Results Girl – Rae Glover

Hospital Security Guard – Jeff Nelson

Natalia – Jenny Cubillos-Averill


Jury Members:

Sandra Rivers-Gill

Mary Jo Gavin

Daphne Early

Tonja Hansen

Annette Stidham

Glen Gruetter

Tyria Allen

Kate Fasko

Sharla Fasko

Vince Swann

Ben Blaesing

Laura Neely


Bike Delivery:

Walbert Beltran

Carlos Baez

Carlos Baez Jr.

Frank Avina


Accounting Firm Workers:

Angie Sanchez

Tim F. Porter



Fred Lopez

Joan Caswall

Joe Dowling

Mary Helen Darrah

Scott Gage

Samanthia Rousos

Robert Bienkowski

Dominique (Nikki) Lucio

Valerie Lucio

Aggie Alt

Jan Rockwell


Card Game Muscle:

Clifton LemkeSam Seguin


Sierra Roach

Christina Long

Alexandra Negrich

Patricia Negrich

Autumn Krontz

Sandra Kimmel

Cynthia Hanna

Paul Ladochi

Anna Maria Ponce

Ryan Hall

Cynthia Ford

Nancy Kirtner

William Breedon

Larae Seay

Charles Engler

Amy Krempec

David Graham

Donna J. Meyer

Ruby Halter

Michael Sullivan

Jennifer Inks

Aggie Alt

Amy Rychener

Annette Stidham

Angela Spongberg

April J. Stidham

Becky Stidham

Patricia Grieser

Jamie Love 



1st Boom Operator – Brian Anson

Make-up Artist – Angie Sanchez

Production Assistant – Jeffrey Burden II

Production Assistant – Clark Brooks

Production Assistant – Jordan Bryant

Production Assistant – Andre Mroz

Lighting – Philip Rick Thomas

Production Assistant – Tim F. Porter

Production Assistant – Odin Cowles

Script Formatting – Maxwell Cumpreys

Screenplay Writing Assistance – Stephen Nowak

Writer/Director/Producer/Screenplay – Cap Averill II

Director of Photography/Color Correction – Zack Gordon

Assistant Director/Editor – Kyle Wisniewski

Production Coordinator – Chuy DeLosSantos

Adapted for the Screen by Jason Webber

Graphics – Kourtnee Litteral


Credits and Special Thanks to:

The Colombian Film Commission:

Mincultura y la Comision Filmica

Lina Maria Sanchez

Alejandra Casas

Jacklyn Aledandra Casas Patino

Jamie Enrique Moncaleano Alvarado

Pat Nowak, Stephen Roberts and the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

Jeffery Stansley – President Recycle Waste Services

John Cubillos and the Colombian Special Forces

The Wyndham Hotel and Conference Centre – Sylvania, Ohio

Chandler’s Café – Sylvania, Ohio

The City of Sylvania and the Sylvania Administration Building

BiggBy’s Coffee – Toledo, Ohio

Samm B’s – Bowling Green, Ohio

Smittys Automotive Service – Toledo, Ohio

Fulton County Ohio and the Fulton County Courthouse

Judge Barber, Horst Wudi and the City of Wauseon

The Pinnacle and Central Park West Events and Conference Centre

Gus Mancy, Mike Mancy, Ruby Halter, and all the folks at Mancy’s Steakhouse – Toledo, Ohio

Signature Harley – Davidson

Karen Huss and Toledo Harley – Davidson

Red Roof Inn Toledo – Maumee, Ohio

David Johnson Farm (Hill Farm)

Sky and the Crown Inn Motel

Highland Meadows Golf Club – Sylvania, Ohio

Rick Parker and Sunbelt Rentals

Ed Gajdostik – Antique Tractor Collector

The Toledo Blade Classifieds

Flower Hospital – Sylvania, Ohio

Jodie Tienvieri – Public Relations at Flower Hospital

Jim Collins – Security at Flower Hospital

Officer Sgt. Justin Music and the City of Sylvania Police Department

Police Volunteers (Helpers) – Chris Roby & Todd Ziolkowski

Eric Vose – Use of Harley for this Production

Debbie Soldwish’s House (Use of Home)

Laura Glover’s House (Use of Home)

Foxx Liquor Agency – Toledo, Ohio

Mark Adams and Louie’s Café “A Place to Play” – Toledo, Ohio

Greg Randall and Dave White Chevrolet – Sylvania, Ohio for the Use of Panel Truck

Superpan Bakery – Bogota, Colombia

Pisanello’s Pizza – Delta, Ohio

Panera’s Bakery Central Ave – Toledo, Ohio

Internet Café – Bogota, Colombia

Cerro de Monserrate

Doris and Cap Averill for use of their beautiful home and hospitality


Artistic Contribution:

Louis Enrique Bernal

Original Lyrics and Music for:

“Blanco Y Negro”

“Orgulloso de Ti”

“La Claridad Y la Sombra”


Enrique Valdeleon Parra Original Lyrics and Music for “Bochineros”

Jamie Arturo Rodriguez Original Lyrics and Music for “La Nueva Generacion”

Original Piano Compositions by Paul Fine

Music Scoring – Robert Neary

Music Scoring – Saifeddine Helal

Violin by Pilar Athaide – Victor


Pat Rizzie and the Mayday Project

Original Compositions by Pierre O’Reilly

“Rising Sun” Original Words and Music by Cap Averill II