"I loved your film... it takes me back to rural New Zealand"

"I am delighted with the production! Growing up on an 80 acre farm, I can only say you captured the material perfectly. I wish to return to an 'old farm' when I retire. This film takes me there now! Thank you!"

"I saw 'Thunder on the Farm' a while ago... Then, I caught it again just recently. I stopped what I was doing so I could watch it again. I hope you make more of these quiet scenic movies"

"Thank you for the beauty of the sights and sounds of the countryside"

"You were able to capture the very essence of living on a farm for me"

"Having both grown up in Northwest Ohio, it reminds us of home. Trust me, I will show "Thunder" to family and friends when they come over and talk it up to people I know."

"I saw it several times on our local public broadcasting station and it was love at first sight. Although I was born in the city, part of my soul has always pulled me back to 'the country'. Thunder reminded me of childhood vacations with my mom and dad, stories my mom told me about her family... As I've gotten older -life has become more complicated- and opportunities to 'go-back' to the country are less frequent. However, in my small city space, I can catch glimpses. The blue of the sky. Cloud formations. Oh, somedays, the light is just perfect! Sounds of a train far off. Plants bearing fruit. A weed intruder. Unusual birds visiting my years... even the smell of the rain. All take me back. Thunder will be a beautiful added treat, especially on those cold, winter days when I yearn to get back to the dirt and talk to the worms! Thank you."

"I was mesmerized the entire time. I am so happy that you have made it available."

"It is an amazing film... A real treasure"

"I was thrilled, intrigued, it was brilliant... I loved it"

"You created a breathtakingly beautiful, soul satisfying work"

"It filled my spirit"

"Mesmerizing film"

"The film was wonderful"

"We loved it... Keep up the good work"

"Heartwarming... Very relaxing"

"My 90 year old father-in-law told me it was terrific and peaceful"

"I absolutely loved it"

"I especially loved the summer sounds"

"Your film was spectacular"

"Thank you for making a treasured experience for all ages, all persons, to lift their souls with beauty."

"Your documentary ranks among the finest film-making I have seen. It is gorgeous, a meditation. I see a lot of films since both my husband, Bob, and I work in the industry. Thank you so much for all your hard work"