Cap Averill II

Director of Photography

Creator of the Thunder Series

Kyle Wisniewski

Vice President

Chuy De Los Santos

Production Coordinator

General Positive Energy

Zack Gordon

Director of Photography

Kourtnee Litteral



Creative Partner

Mantis and Moon Society Team

Society crew during September 2013 filming: Pictured left to right - 
(Top Row) Brian Anson, Zachary Gordon, Jan Czernik
(Bottom Row) Kyle Wisniewski, Angie Sanchez, Cap Averill II, Chuy De Los Santos
Not Pictured, Tim Porter and Jeffery Burden II

Pat Nowak

Of all of the valuable things I gained from the Black Swamp Film Festival experience, you were the treasure. Your standard of excellence is inspiring, and your energy is infectious, but my favorite part of your personality is your honesty and personal integrity. 

Pierre O’ Reilly

Special thanks for absolutely making Out of the Shadows what it is. I firmly believe that you are clearly one of the biggest reasons we won the Hollywood International HD Festival. The pieces you did scene by scene are incredible. You helped us to make award winning art-thanks


Darren LaShelle

Thanks for discovering “The Thunder Series” us and all of your positive energy. You have been instrumental in our growth. Your experience, guidance and advice have proven invaluable. The relationships we have found inside the PBS family and your viewership makes the whole effort worth it.

Chuy De Los Santos

You put us on the track of our national distribution deal by stirring things up, It’s always a plus to have your energy on board, especially when things get rough. You have the most heart of all of us. It does not go unappreciated.


In memory of Robert Begell

You were bigger than life, my friend. We thank you for spending part of your last moments on earth with us, we
are all better for knowing you. Thanks for the level of commitment you made to us. I wish you were still here, 
but we are all headed on the same path, so we will see you on the other side

Jason Webber

Almost everything good that happened to us after winning the awards goes back to you. The articles you wrote about us early on and introduced us to WGTE in Toledo, where we got out first exposure on PBS. It’s great to be continuing together in the creative effort. 


Our Man Alexis Burnett

North woods tracker and guide extraordinaire. The wildlife footage from Algonquin forest is outstanding. You
are one of the few guides that could have gotten us so close to the big game in the wild. We can’t wait for the next trip. You’re one of a kind and a brother forever.

Zack Gordon

When it’s big, I call Zack. Zack and I hooked up on Out of the Shadows, he was the director of photography, and we had a real energy together. That energy is still rolling. I have never had to double check your shots for the artistic stuff, or the setup. I check your shots because I want to see them. I learn from your setups. You still look more at home behind a camera than anyone I know.