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Wants and Needs

As seen on public television

What are the causes of recessions and depressions?

Why do they keep repeating?

Wants and Needs is a documentary which attempts to answer exactly these questions. Over a six year timespan which began before the most recent recession, and continued through all of the governmental actions which happened before during and after the recession, Mantis and Moon proprietor Cap Averill II interviewed hundreds of people and scanned volumes of C-Span governmental footage to retell the story from a generational perspective.

Is it possible that generational dynamics are in fact the cause of cyclical recessions and depressions? Historical precedents seem to suggest so.

In addition to dwelling on the errors which our society has repeated for centuries, Wants and Needs also tries to provide potential ideas as solutions for future generations. 

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The Thunder Series


Thunder on the Farm

For 150 years, the old brick farmhouse spent the days watching the changing of the seasons and the passing of time. After 150 years, the summers pass now as if in just one day. 

But the old man who lived in the house passed away, and a neighborhood was born, and the spirits of the people who originally cleared the land still live on. 

Shot on location in Delta, Ohio

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Thunder on the Mountain

Wooden ships came to Central America over six hundred years ago, those ships brought change. Now ships of metal and glass arrive. People from all over the world lay claim to this land.

Every morning and every evening, the mountains come alive with the sounds of birds and monkeys. They will not let it be forgotten that there was once a time when these mountains belonged to them and them alone. 

Filmed in Central America

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Thunder on the Lake (Classic Edition)

For thousands of years after the glaciers pulled away, the lakes remained the same. So many years have now passed, a summer passes as if it were in just one day. The loons, moose, bear, wolves and the other animals that now consider the lake their home, have all lived there for many generations. 

But recently, there is a new sound coming from the big waters and a new figure on the horizon, but life goes on as usual, with the new sounds blending right into the already thundering cracking of the glaciers and the thunder from a strong summer storm.

Filmed on location in Alaska, Ontario and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

This is Mantis & Moon's classic edition on this documentary. Thunder on the Lake was released in 2014 and is in 1080p. A new 4K edition of this documentary will be coming soon. 

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The Thunder Series 3 Pack

Collect all three released Thunder documentaries: Thunder on the Farm, Thunder on the Mountain, and Thunder on the Lake with this single purchase. 

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Motion Picture


Out of the Shadows

Chris, the amiable optimist, and Ken, the pragmatic pessimist, try to come to terms with their failing marriages in very different ways.

As a child, Chris' grandfather had always told him that you could learn lessons about life from the woods, but Chris never truly understood what his grandfather had meant. 

As Ken and Chris' marriages crash and burn around them, their friendship prevails and they both learn lessons of life from each other's unique perspectives.

Out of the Shadows won the "Best full length motion picture drama" at the 2005 Hollywood, Ca. International HD Festival.

Rated R

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