Chris, the amiable optimist, and Ken, the pragmatic pessimist, try to come to terms with their failing marriages in very different ways.

As a child, Chris' grandfather had always told him that you could learn lessons about life from the woods, but Chris never truly understood what his grandfather had meant. 

As Ken and Chris' marriages crash and burn around them, their friendship prevails and they both learn lessons of life from each other's unique perspectives.

Out of the Shadows won the "Best full length motion picture drama" at the 2005 Hollywood, Ca. International HD Festival.

Rated R

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Cast & Crew


Directed by:

Cap Averill II    



Kim Kalouria

Cap Averill II



Ken Morely - Kim Kalouria

Robin Beasty - Beth Doane

Diana Wish - Emily Zolag

Vicky Fairchild - Erin Layne

Chris' mom - Doris Averill

Brandy - Val Dutridge 

Ann Morely - Julia James

Ken's mom - Tonia Kalouria

Cindy Travino - Jenni VanBebber

Girl in bar with pitcher of beer - Rebekah Keller

Chris Travino - Cap Averill II

Cinematography by:

Zack Gordon

Cap Averill II


Film Editing by:

Cap Averill II

Will Graver


Produced by:

Cap Averill II


Original Music by:

The Cutters


Pierre O'Reilly