Mantis & Moon's Artist of the Month


Saifeddine Helal

Congratulations to Saifeddine Helal for being Mantis & Moon's artist of the month. 

He has created scores for The Society, Thunder on the Lake, and is currently working on Spirit of the Farm

Saifeddine is not only a composer, but a storyteller. His work in scoring plays to the emotion of viewers and creates the mood of the films. 

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Be watching for Mantis and Moon’s financial documentary entitled Wants and Needs on your local PBS/televsion station.

Cap Averill II of Cap Averill II & Associates and NBC news anchor veteran Gordon Ward co-host this award winning documentary. It is distributed to libraries and public television stations across the country by the National Educational Television Association (N.E.T.A.)

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As Seen on TV

As well as being the founder and owner of Cap Averill II & Associates, Cap has been seen giving out financial advice on Conklin & Company as well as WTOL's Jerry Anderson. 

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Other Side of the Coin is a series of financial documentaries that confronts the stressors of the industry. These documentaries ask the hard hitting questions that financial advisors should be answering or shedding light on. Are you being taken advantage of? These sets of educational documentaries will assist you in coming to a conclusion. Coming soon. 

Universal Life: Will My Insurance Die Before I?

In the 90's, there was a popular type of insurance being sold. Universal Life Insurance. Unfortunately, these policies are getting to the point at which they are expiring a few years before the buyers average life expectancy. This forces them to either allow their policy to expire, or shell in more money than they should in order to renew the policy. Does this affect you? What are the next steps? Tune in to the upcoming documentary to find out. 

Annuities: Friend or Foe?

There are thousands and several different types of annuities out there. How do you know which ones best for you? The mission of this documentary is to clarify which annuity works for you.  

Upcoming Projects

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Thunder On the Lake

In it's final stages, Thunder on the Lake features morning, afternoon, and evening in Alaska, Ontario and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as if it were spring, summer, and fall. This documentary will be released as part of Mantis & Moon's Thunder Series.

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Spirit of the Farm

Spirit of the Farm is currently in production. This documentary features morning, afternoon, and evening, on a farm in Delta, Ohio as if it were spring, summer, and fall. This is a 4K reshoot of Mantis & Moon's award winning documentary: Thunder on the Farm. This documentary will be released as part of Mantis & Moon's Thunder Series.

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The Society

The Society is also in it's final stages. This is a full-length motion picture that tells a story about a man who finds himself in a troublesome lawsuit with the company he's spent several years with. As this chaos ensues, he finds love in an unlikely place. Greg finds himself trying to find a balance between a love affair and his ongoing legal battle.